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KB shortcut for RDP Full Screen focus for Macros

When running RDP in full screen, CTRL+ALT+HOME will bring up the connection bar.

However, since the rdp app, based on active-x (i think as it's described), it would be very helpful to be able to configure a custom keyboard shortcut for when RDP is in full screen OTHER than CTRL+ALT+HOME. 

Two reasons with this:

The connection bar "fades" in, which can cause macros to fail without tweaking delays, etc.

Some applications pick up the press of HOME when not in an RDP, so macros / keyboard shortcuts may have unexpected results.

Since RoyalTS is using its own client, and already has the ability to globally intercept keyboard shortcuts, a shortcut for changing focus from the full screen session would be helpful.

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Hi Chris,

in Royal TS we do not use "our" own client. We are using the ActiveX which is closed source from Microsoft which also ships with every Windows installation. So our options are a bit limited and we can only work with what's supported by MS.

There are some properties to override the virtual key code for certain hotkeys - including full screen but the CTRL+ALT part of the hot key cannot be changed. We also can't really facilitate our global shortcut handling because the RDP ActiveX requires to have the input focus in order to process the hotkeys.

What hotkey shortcut are you looking for to use?


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