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Multiple Credentials in Connection Objects

Hi Royal Apps,

it would be nice if you will implement a feature which allows to add multiple credentials to a connection object. For example: we have web based systems and more than 8 different administrative generic accounts on this system. At the moment we have created separate credential objects. We will be very happy if you will implement that :-)

Best regards


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This is a great idea!

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It would be great, I have the same scenario in my Office.

Thanks for the feedback. Can you provide more context? When you assign multiple credentials, how would you then decide which one to use?

I will be great if you can add multiple credentails directly on the connection object. If you have more than 1 credential added, you will get a prompt where you can choose, which credential do you want to use.

I see. You can already do something like this by following a couple of conventions, for example or by using templates (

Here's how you could setup something like this:

Assuming you have a connection called "Admin Web" and you want to choose one credential upon connect, simply create your credentials with a prefix in the name, like "AW - User 1", "AW - Admin", ...

Then, in the credential configuration of your connection, select:

Specify a credential name

As name, use: AW -

Now, when you connect, a credential with that name will be resolved. Since the name returns multiple matches, you will be presented with a prompt where you can choose one of the matching credentials.

Another way to be more explicit would be using templates where you have a connection with a "main credemtial" and create a template for each other credential. Then you can use the "Connect using Template" menu to choose which credential to take.

Let me know if this helps.


Hi Stefan,

yes, we are using credential names already. But it would be a little bit smoother/better if we can configure / store the credentials directly on the connection object. Because if we are using credential names, everyone who is creating the credential objects, must be make sure that the name/prefix of the object fits to the other existing credential objects. That's not so easy to handle that in a bigger IT enviroment.

We actually don't really want to "extend" the object data itself to allow more than one credential assigned. This complicates a lot of stuff in the backend and a lot of our core logic is depending on a clear relationship between objects and credentials. Providing additional credentials just opens the door for more requests like this (tasks, gateways, etc.). It will then get confusing and complicated quickly. That doesn't scale that well.

I can understand that following and enforcing such conventions can be tricky but it is a quite flexible system and in the future we plan to allow even more ways to refer to other objects. In the meantime, we can only offer the naming convention concept to prompt for credentials.

Alright, no problem. But many thanks that you respond very fast and give us feedback to our topic. Have a nice time! :-)

You're welcome!

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