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Logoff in Context


it would be nice to have a Logoff Button in the context menues like disconnect, like the tab or in the navigation bar

RDCMan (and others) are using a different API to do that and it's also kind of misleading/dangerous because they actually "reset" the session using the WTS API. There are a couple of issues with this approach:

  •  it's error prone because in many situations you can use RDP (port 3389) but can't use the WTS API because all high ports (RPC) are basically needed
  •  it's dangerous because resetting the session is not exactly a log off. It's basically killing the session and unsaved data is lost
  • it's fragile because there is not much to identify the correct session. In the WTS API you need to specify the session id you want to kill. Identifying the session by the username/client alone can sometimes lead to the wrong session

So if you really need to "kill" the session, we recommend you use the dashboard for that. It provides more control and better context what's really happening.


Hi Stefan,

thank you for you input. But what is a bit strange to me because even the RDCMan from MS has this ability also other RDP Managers aswell.

(7.65 KB)

Hi Marius,

this is not possible unfortunately. The RDP protocol doesn't support session logoff. If MS implements such a functionality, we will provide better access to that.


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