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Add copy options to clipboard

Is it possible to add an option to copy the item name to the clipboard?

Currently, I select the item and press F2, then Ctrl+V to get it in the clipboard. However, in the case of an item in a dynamic folder, F2 doesn't work, which isn't very practical. Note that in my case, the computer name is the name of a gateway with dynamic credentials and the element name is therefore the name of my computer, so it's important to be able to copy it easily.


It might also be useful to copy "Description" or "Notes" fields to the clipboard.

Regarding custom fields, I suggest that if a specific label exists, it should be added.


Custom Fields and Properties > Custom Fields 1 (Operating system)

Custom Fields and Properties > Custom Fields 2 (Environment)




thanks for the feedback. I've implemented code which shows the custom field labels (if set). I am not sure if I want to put an entry for the (Display)Name property in the menu. To get to the name quickly, you could just hit F2 and CTRL+C to get it into the clipboard. I'm happy to leave this idea open to see if others would also prefer to see such a menu item.


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Thank you for your reply.

Please note that F2 and CTRL+C do not work for connections in a Dynamic Folder.

In my case, I use a bastion, so the computer name is the same for all my connections generated by the Dynamic Folder and it's in the login that the target machine name and my login are located. So being able to put the name of the machine in the clipboard isn't useful, but the name of the object is much more important.



Thanks for the explanation. I've added an item to copy the Display Name to the clipboard.


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