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Containerize Royal TS

The demand for RTS on Linux must be rising by now. We have found ways to leverage this amazing software far beyond operational administration and now use it to expedite exposure of development tools to operations engineers. This is our career advancement tool!

To ensure Royal TS's footing in future-state tech, it would be great to see some momentum with Docker images to containerize Royal TS itself, CI/CD pipeline and API integration, Git/GitHub pipelining, Kubernetes administration, Terraform, Ansible, Python/Bash/Powershell code-base integration, etc. 

If anyone from RTS development sees this, please reach out to me to see our approach in taking this software to a new level. This isn't a sales pitch- I'm just a Cloud Engineer looking to pump new life into a great tool that I've used for almost a decade.

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Hi Tom,

I'm not sure I completely understand you post. We do get occasional requests for a Linux version but right now, we don't have the resources to port Royal TS to Linux, especially with all the dependencies we have which are Windows-only. I know there are ways to get the Windows version "running" on Linux with various techniques but it's not something we encourage or support.

We may have a solution at some point for Linux versions but it's early days and I don't have any information available on that at the moment.


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