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Rebex Ctrl + v paste function

Shift + insert just don't fit as a shortcut.

Will love to see ctrl + v inplimented.


normally in SSH session like Putty , paste function done once you press the right click in the mouse , But Not with Ctrl + V

Ctrl + V is common in text editor like word , But not common at all in SSH

I have been using this function at MobaXterm all the time. Just moved across to Royal and this is the only thing I missed a lot.

Also, most terminals are not implementing this because CTRL-V is a valid keyboard shortcut for functions in a remote session. Handling this shortcut locally could lead to unpredictable behavior (depending on what's running remote). I can see that PuTTY has an option to use CTRL + SHIFT + C or V to do clipboard related stuff.

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