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Open keepass fil that does not have .kbdx extension

Currently, RoyalTS correctly opens Keepass files only if it has the default extension (eg: .kdbx).

In the company where I work, the extension was changed and if keepass continues to open the file correctly, royalTS tells : "that the file is corrupt" and fails to open it.

Is it possible to "modify" RoyalTS so that it can open a Keepass file even if it does not have the .kdbx extension, but for example .doc, .jpg, .txt...?


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Hi Marc,

this is a bit tricky. Royal TS is using the file extension to decide which plugin to choose. May I ask which extension is used in your company and why it has been changed? I'm curios what the reasoning is. From a technical perspective, this is quite difficult to implement on our side because we then have to completely re-write the code which opens documents.


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