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Secondary Credential set

Hello there,

I regularly have to connect to RDP targets - up to 80 or so at once.

I have two use cases:

  1. The regular use case uses the configured credentials - usually by inheritance from a parent or ancestor folder.
    For better distinction let's call these credentials the primary credential set

  2. The "admin" use case needs a secondary credential set which I usually provide via" connect with options" with "prompt for credentials" enabled
Now imagine the hassle the "admin" use case implies when connecting to 80 or so RDP targets at once.

I would HIGHLY appreciate it if i could specify a secondary credential set as I can the primary one and have a new option in the "connect with options" context menu aptly named "Use secondary Credential"

Thanks in advance,

Hi Dominik,

we are hesitant to implement secondary credentials or URIs or any other option as this can quickly get messy. Did you look at connection templates for that or using plugin overrides?

Let me know if this helps.


Regarding overrides:

As far as I understand, there can only be one override per connection type, so I would be limited to exactly one secondary credential set - that doesn't do the trick. Worst case: I need a secondary credential set per RDP connection

For the same reason I fail to see a way this would work with templates.

You are correct. Overrides is a bit limited right now - only allowing one set of settings.

Templates however are much more flexible. You can create multiple templates with different credentials and use Connect using Template to use them instead of the original credentials.

So you suggest I create a template for each and every RDP connection, so I can have individual secondary credential sets - how else would I be able to connect to 80 or so RDP targets at once - each with a different secondary credential set?

Am I missing something or do I have a basic misconception about the capabilities of templates?

Oh, I see, there's a misunderstanding.

The way templates work is like this:

You create ONE template for RDP using the secondary credential (and maybe some other settings you want to have differently). Then you select MULTIPLE original connections in the dashboard and right-click on them and use Select using Template -> YOUR TEMPLATE NAME

Let me know if this helps.


That I understand - but that would mean I would use the same set of credentials for all connections I selected.

That is so not what I need.

I need separate credentials for each connection in this multi-selection.

Which is why right now I have to use "connect with options" with "prompt for credentials" enabled and select 80 different credential objects - which I am prompted to select one at a time.

Which costs me up to 15 minutes of my time as the connections are established strictly in sequence.

This is not very practical at all and what I seek a better solution for.

Hence the idea for secondary credentials in the first place.

I see. Now I better understand your requirement. I think at the moment the only way to accomplish something like this is to use an external datasource and use a dynamic folder. In the long term we do have plans to provide more flexibility in our data model which could help in these scenarios.

I'm sorry I don't have better news for you at the moment.


That is unfortunate.

Please let me know if you ever change your stance regarding secondary credentials.

Thanks nonetheless.

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