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Need "Minimize All Sessions" Feature/Hotkey

A hotkey to minimize all open RDP sessions would be very helpful.  

Use case:  

I often have 5+ RDP sessions open at a time full-screen (spanning 5 monitors).  Windows Alt-Tab works fine to get me from an RDP session to a locally-running application Windows.  However, the chosen app opens atop my RDP session, which obscures all the other applications running locally.

To see all my locally-running applications again, I have to manually Alt-Tab to each RDP session, and manually minimize it, until they're all minimized so that I can see all my locally-running applications again.  Alternatively, I have to Alt-Tab (or TaskBar-click) to every local app to bring it to the foreground atop the RDP session, so that I can see all my local ones again.

A single hotkey that would eliminate all of that work would be a great feature.  If I could just hit a hotkey and have all my RDP sessions minimized, that would be a great savings of time and aggravation.

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