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Notes as a separate item such as information

I always have the case that I have to document something to a customer but that the notes are always hidden. It would be easier and faster to click on notes and directly see the content via the task dashboard.

And if you could add a picture it would be perfect.


(63.3 KB)

i know it works this way but it is often very cumbersome. so my idea is to make a separate object out of it and display it on the deashboard. =) And also you need from time to time a photo for example of a server or a patch field occupancy. that would facilitate the work very much.

I like the idea. Makes sense in some scenarios. I will put this on our list but we can only look at this once we released V7 (which should be soon).


Oh great on the version I'm looking forward too 

We use Notes on Customers folders, because it is not depending on a single object within this folder.

From "View" in the navigation pane you could activate "notes" an fix them to the window so that is alway visible.


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