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Connect to the endpoint using different addresses.

Our network equipment can all be reached in 3 different ways: 

- Inband 

- Out of band management

- Serial Console via console server (ssh based by specific tcp port)

The default terminal object target the Out of band IP but I would like to be able to right client on an endpoint and connect using the ip address of the Console Server.

So the idea is to add the capability to have multiple IP / Ports on endpoints. And having these alternative way of connecting to it available in the right clic menu. 

Being able to name those alternative Connection by ourselves would be nice.

Glad to hear that!


It's working. 

Thank you

Hi Cyriel!

Did you try to specify the port in the computer name like this?


If a port is specified in the computer name, it should precede the configured port from the port UI.


Hi Stefan,

Thank you for this idea. I tried it but unfortunately I haven't been able to achieve what I want to do because in a template we can't assign a variable to the port field. 

Let me show you what I've done : 

Step1 : Create Custom properties to a node


Step 2 : Create template 


So at the end I'm limitated to have a static tcp port to initiate the terminal connection. 

In my specific context, every port 2201, 2202, 2203 etc.. correspond a physical port of the WTI console server. 

2201 = port1

2202 = port2 etc...

Hi Cyriel,

take a look at what Templates can do for you:

You could put the alternative hostnames in a custom field and use a template to connect to these hosts based on the connection with the custom field set.

Let me know if this helps.


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