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Extend Import function to import / update

We use the import of kdbx files into the private document. So far, a new folder is created for each import.

It would be desirable that this import checks in how far entries already exist and then replaces them - so an import update function.

Perhaps this could be integrated once.

Thank you

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Hi Uwe,

we took a look at your feature request and found out that this is not really feasible to implement. Here's the reason why this is difficult/problematic:

When you import a kdbx file, each object will get a new GUID assigned, independent of the GUID the object has/had in the kdbx file. 

When you open a kdbx file, each object will have a GUID based on the original GUID of the object in the kdbx file. This is necessary to make credential assignments/references by ID possible.

To implement the functionality you requested, we would need to use the same original GUIDs for each object to identify objects in order to decide whether to update, import or not import an object. This would then easily lead to duplicate object IDs if this is done on different documents when one of them is not loaded at the import time but later loaded in Royal TS after the same kdbx file already has been imported into that file beforehand.

Having duplicate object IDs should be avoided as good as possible and I'm afraid implementing the feature will cause a lot of confusion for these situations.

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


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