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Key Sequence recorder for the broadcaster

Hi! The Key Sequence Broadcaster is nice for automation tasks, but very uncomfortable for real-time work. It would be great to add key sequence recorder and an ability to broadcast the record to selected windows in real-time

An example is in attachments, how multitype is done in MobaXTerm. Very comfortable for real-time work


Hi Tim,

as stated in my reply to your ticket, this feature is actually available in Royal TS V6 for Terminal (Rebex) connections.

To activate it, go to the "Actions" tab and select "Broadcast Input". 

Via the "Broadcast Receiver" you are able to select which Terminal (Rebex) connections receive the input.

I hope this helps!

Best regards,


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Thank you very much, Christoph! This is what I was looking for

Happy New Year!)))

Hi Tim

you are very welcome, glad this worked for you!

Happy New Year as well!

Best regards,


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