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Changelog for Shared Docs

My team has deployed RoyalTS using a shared doc.  While it's been pretty smooth after a fashion, we quickly realized that there's nothing keeping track of changes to the shared doc and after checking my homelab, I realized that Royal Server doesn't have a change log for shared docs there either.

The client tracks this information as part of the save and merge process, so how about exposing more of that information within the UI so that before users save or reload the document, they get an optional prompt with a differential list of changes between the version of the document they have in memory and the shared doc waiting to be merged and the option to commit or cancel?

I would think the flow should go something like:

  • Client receives notification that the document has been changed or (they are saving changes of their own).
  • User chooses to either Merge and Save or Reload the document.
  • If the document has the "changelog enabled" flag set, the user will receive a pop-up outlining the changes along with the commit or cancel options.
  • If the document does not have "changelog enabled" flag set, the user will receive no prompt, command is executed.

I would ask that this setting be implemented at the "document" level versus this simply being a client configuration option to ensure that it gets turned on for all users.

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with our current architecture, this is not easy to implement. While shared docs on the file system are merged by the client, shared docs on the Royal Server's document store are merged by the server. The server flow would be very complicated. I will keep this in mind though, maybe we can find a way to implement something like this in the future.


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