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Secure Gateway does not support ecdsa-sha2-nistp512


we use Linux Jumphost for our RDP Connections to our customers. Lately they started to change the key algorithms to ecdsa-sha2-nistp512 only.

Wenn I now try to connect to a RDP Session Host using the Linux JumpHost I receive this.


I have been using PuttY and Windows 10 ssh and I can connect to that Jumphost.

I am on RoyalTS 6.1.50617.

Can  anybody tell me if this is a known issue? Has it been fixed in later versions?

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Hi Tobias,

for the next major release we plan to include better cipher configuration (similar to what you see in rebex terminal or file transfer). You can see all supported ciphers here:

From what I see, ecdsha-sha2-nistp21 is not available in that list, so you might need to change it to a ecdsa-sha256-nistp521 to make this work.


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