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External Apps Improvements

RTS has a built-in screenshot functionality, but it's not as robust/flexible as what I normally use by default.  I've tried to set it up so that I can call the app that I normally use as an External Application via CLI, but when RTS opens an External Application, it also opens a tab and there doesn't seem to be any way to turn this behavior off.

So with that in mind, I'd like to ask for a few different things as any of them would technically allow what I'm trying to do to work:

1) An exclusion list for accelerator/modifier key combos.  i.e. If I hold ALT+SHIFT+S, instead of RTS sending that to the VM, it'll ignore it and allow that to be processed locally instead.

2) The ability to launch an external app via keystroke command and not have a tab launch.

3) Native support for third-party screenshot tools.  This would probably be the easiest. As all it would really take is the screenshots menu option, just allow RTS to point to a different app via CLI.


thanks for the feedback.

1) This is actually already possible in View -> Options -> Keyboard Shortcuts. You can choose the scope of each shortcut. Note that, depending on the connection type, the scope may not always prevent the keyboard shortcut being recognized in the remote session. This depends on how the remote connection client handles keyboard input. RDP for example might still pick up keyboard shortcuts when focused, even it is/was handled by Royal TS.

2) This is can also be done using Keyboard Shortcuts (Context Shortcuts). You can also configure an external application to Start Unattached. In this case, no tab will be created. Note that there will also be no "connected" indication in the navigation tree if you start an app "unattached".

3) Did you check out the Command Tasks in Royal TS? It allows you to invoke any CLI at any time and should cover your use case.


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So weird.  When I first tried this, even with "Start Unattached" it still generated a tab.  Now it's working like a champ.  I now have my preferred screenshot app setup to launch via keyboard shortcut and am a very happy camper.

Thanks Stefan!

Glad I could help. Please let us know if you have any further questions or issues.


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