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Save/manage filters in dasboard

In the dashboard I can make use of filter, auto filter and the filter editor to create even the most complex filters.

I can also copy & paste the filter string out of and back into RTS and the filter editor.

Now if only I could save and manage those filters within a RTS document - that would be great.

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I see what I can do. Not sure if we can put this into the V7.0 but I will try...

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Ironically, this is what I thought "Dynamic Folders" were when I first bought RTS years ago.


just to clarify, Dominik, you are referring to the dashboard and the filter there, not the navigation tree view, right? What scope should that filter manager have? Would you prefer to manage multiple filter settings per folder, document or application?

I guess, we could also do something like that in the navigation tree - although the filter capabilities are quite different there. Maybe something like "Smart Folders" as mentioned by D Griffin would be a better approach.



Hi Stefan,

yes, I'm referring to the dashboard - as I need to multi-select the results and connect to multiple (up to ~80) systems at once. That wouldn't be possible in the tree, as a tree control is inherently single-select capable only.

As for the scopes... I see what you're getting at.

For me personally, filter per document would suffice as that's currently 100% of my use case.

But maybe others have different needs, so...

Thanks, Dominik

Hi Stefan,

it doesn't look like this made it into v7.0.

Are there any plans to implement this?

Thanks, Dominik

Hi Dominik,

sorry the feature didn't make it in v7. I'm not sure when we are able to implement it as we haven't done any planning yet and still are working out the kinks for this release.


Any update on this feature?

For example one of my use case for filters would be several folders of Terminal Services, for example I don't need to see certain connections. Anytime I close Royal I have to manually do this each time. 
Not ([Windows Station Name] = 'RDP-Tcp' Or [Windows Station Name] = 'Console' Or [Windows Station Name] = 'Services')

A save feature would be fantastic!

If there is another way of doing this, please let me know. Thank you.

Hi Chris,

for connection types (like Terminal Services) the dashboard filter is not persisted but if you "Connect" to the connection, all the filtering, sorting, grouping and column configuration should be persisted and restored.

Let me know if this helps.


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