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Common section for Royal TS Dynamic Folder scripts

 Currently, for a Royal TS Dynamic Folder it's possible to include two different scripts:

1. A script that is run for populating the full folder tree. (Dynamic Folder Script)

2. A script for dynamically retreiving the password and other properties at connect time. (Dynamic Credential Script.)

Often, because these two scripts are completely seperate, you end up in a situation where you're repeating a significant chunk of your code between the two scripts, which becomes a maintenance hazard as you need to remember to change code in both places when performing development work on the common parts.

For this reason, I suggest a new feature for Royal TS Dynamic Folders which is a "common section" for scripts. Basically, when this feature is used, the "common" script section will be included first, before any folder-specific or credential-specific code. This approach has the advantage of being applicable to any programming language supported by Royal TS Dynamic Folders, without having to dive into any language-specific facilities for multi-file modules.

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Thanks for the feedback!

We completely agree, it's a bit annoying but on the other hand, having a shared script block somewhere might also be confusing for a lot of people and might also be hard to explain and troubleshoot. We will leave this idea open for discussion in hope we get more upvotes and/or feedback on how to implement it.

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