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Dynamic folder on a shared document : keep credentials cached

 I have configured a dynamic folder on a shared document : the option to keep cache is greyed.

I think the user should have the liberty to activate or not this option...

Hi Stephane,

the option is unavailable mainly because of two reasons:

1. Writing dynamically created objects back to disk into the file causes merge issues when merged with the content from other users. One particular issue is the handling of deleted items. To determine whether or not an item has been deleted in one instance, we need to track the object IDs of the deleted items. Dynamic folders create items dynamically and even though you see the same item again after a reload, it cannot be guaranteed that the ID of the item is the same as it was before. This makes it impossible to correctly merge content of the dynamic folder.

2. Depending of the dynamic content script, the output of the script might be unique to your permissions. You don't really want sensitive data which is meant only for you to be available to others. Of course, this depends on the script and how the data is retrieved.

So technically it's not really possible to handle this correctly. If you need more flexibility and control over the content of a file, I suggest you look at our PowerShell API to create and update a document based on your needs:


Hi Stefan,

Thanks for your quick reply.

So I understand why it's not possible. Next.

Can you explain your idea with Powershell : what do you want to do ?

I think the question is more, what do you want to do? ;)

With the PowerShell cmdlets you can completely automate and control the creation/modification of a document. So, depending on your needs and requirements, you could write a script which allows you to update the document at any time (when online). So when you're "offline" you have the last version with you and when you're online again and need to refresh your doc, you execute the script again to get the latest changes into your document.

Does that help?

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