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Suggested new feature: auto start connections

I would like to suggest a new feature for RoyalTS. Every morning I start RoyalTS with the same file when I have the many connections I need to use. However, out of those many connections, there is one I always have to connect to. I know I can auto connect if it was running when I close RoyalTS - but I like to close my active connections before closing RoyalTS.

I would like to suggest a new attribute to the connections panel, so that we can mark a connection as "auto start". If a connection has that flag turned on, whenever you start RoyalTS, it will auto connect to that connection. 

I would need just one, but other people may need to connect to more than one. Maybe a priority/ordered list... but I'm getting it more difficult now :) Having just a on/off autostart flag would be great.

Hopefully this will help other people and may be not to hard to implement in a future release. Thank you guys!

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Hi Fernando,

thanks for the feedback. There are a couple of things to consider and as you pointed out, implementing a feature like this can quickly become a huge effort as other users may have slightly different needs. Our CLI interface allows you to initiate connections (and much more). I think the best solution right now is to leverage the CLI to do something like this (you can even control the order ;))

I will keep an eye on this idea and if it gets votes and feedback from other users as well, we will take a closer look how we can implement it.


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