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Suggested new feature: auto start connections

I would like to suggest a new feature for RoyalTS. Every morning I start RoyalTS with the same file when I have the many connections I need to use. However, out of those many connections, there is one I always have to connect to. I know I can auto connect if it was running when I close RoyalTS - but I like to close my active connections before closing RoyalTS.

I would like to suggest a new attribute to the connections panel, so that we can mark a connection as "auto start". If a connection has that flag turned on, whenever you start RoyalTS, it will auto connect to that connection. 

I would need just one, but other people may need to connect to more than one. Maybe a priority/ordered list... but I'm getting it more difficult now :) Having just a on/off autostart flag would be great.

Hopefully this will help other people and may be not to hard to implement in a future release. Thank you guys!

Hi Fernando,

thanks for the feedback. There are a couple of things to consider and as you pointed out, implementing a feature like this can quickly become a huge effort as other users may have slightly different needs. Our CLI interface allows you to initiate connections (and much more). I think the best solution right now is to leverage the CLI to do something like this (you can even control the order ;))

I will keep an eye on this idea and if it gets votes and feedback from other users as well, we will take a closer look how we can implement it.



is there a solution in the meanwhile? 2 years ago since that feature request and still nothing happened?

Maybe iam blind, but i can`t found a feature to start rdp Connection automatically at the Royal TS start.

How is it possible to do that? Is there another solution? Starting with the cli only works with one RDP Connection.

Thanks and regards


Hi Ruediger,

I'm sorry we haven't been able to implement something like this. As mentioned previously there are challenges. You can start a single connection using the CLI but you should be able to write a simple batch file to connect to multiple connections.


Hi Stefan,

is it possible to give here a short example script for multiple Connections?

Thx and regards


Maybe you misunderstood. There's no script or special syntax necessary for multiple connections. You simply have one line in your batch file to connect to connection 1, in the next line in your batch file you connect to connection 2, and so on. It's as simple as that.

Aaaaaaaah, now i understand Stefan, thanks for clarifying :-)

Works as intendet

Glad I could help!


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