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Passbolt integration

We use Passbolt for storing passwords in our team and currently we have to manually update credentials between Passbolt and Royal TS whenever they're added or changed. It would be nice to hook into our existing Passbolt system for selecting "existing credentials" on items in Royal TS.

Passbolt API Documentation

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Hi Greg,

thanks for the feedback. Because it's quite challenging for us to familiarize with every possible product out there, we create a powerful and easy to use interface to integrate such products in Royal TS - assuming you have some scripting experience.

Most of these integrations (dynamic folder scripts) are community driven and created/maintained by our users who are actually using these products in production. You can find samples for existing scripts here:

For more information about dynamic folders, see:

You're welcome to submit your script(s) by submitting PRs to that repository.

If you have any questions, let us know.


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