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Write your own VNC plugin to support viewing a single monitor

One of the nice features of the Mac version of TSX is being able to select a specific montior to view when connecting to another Mac. 

But on the WIndows version of TS, you cannot select a specific monitor to view when connecting to a Mac - a limitation of the VNC plugins you use. In fact, as far as I know,  only RealVNC can fo it, and I tihnk you have to pay for it. (VNC clients for WIndows are really terrible, compared to Macs)

It would be nice if you guys just wrote your own VNC client that could do that. You can zoom, but its not as good as being able to isolate a specific monitor to view.

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I moved your post to the Windows / Ideas section.

You are right. Good VNC clients on Windows are rare. We will look into our options and see if a custom/self made VNC client is feasible. I'll leave this thread open to see how popular such a feature would be.


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