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Auto-type username/password credentials


Would it be possible to add an option to the right-click menu of credentials that executes a auto-type task that is essentially?


It is effectively replicates the auto-type function seen in KeePass, etc. 

I know I can create this for specific credentials with a Task and I can make the Task apply to most scenarios by using the effective username and password IF those are the credentials used to log in to the session.

However, my use case is where I'm connected to an RDP jump host and need to log in to something via the web browser on the jump host. The credentials associated with the RDP session are different to the credentials I need to enter in the browser.

An alternate to this, is to have the ability to create a Task and then apply that task to a credential on the fly by right-clicking and selecting something in the menu. 


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Hi Frank,

we will keep an eye on your idea and will evaluate if and how this can be implemented. We also keep an eye on voting to identify which ideas to prioritize. We will update this thread once we have new information.


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