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Auto-type username/password credentials


Would it be possible to add an option to the right-click menu of credentials that executes a auto-type task that is essentially?


It is effectively replicates the auto-type function seen in KeePass, etc. 

I know I can create this for specific credentials with a Task and I can make the Task apply to most scenarios by using the effective username and password IF those are the credentials used to log in to the session.

However, my use case is where I'm connected to an RDP jump host and need to log in to something via the web browser on the jump host. The credentials associated with the RDP session are different to the credentials I need to enter in the browser.

An alternate to this, is to have the ability to create a Task and then apply that task to a credential on the fly by right-clicking and selecting something in the menu. 


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Hi Frank,

we will keep an eye on your idea and will evaluate if and how this can be implemented. We also keep an eye on voting to identify which ideas to prioritize. We will update this thread once we have new information.


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Any Updates on this? I was also wondering about such an functionality similar to keepass with ctrl+v to auto insert credentials. Gonna have to keep otherwise keepass as second source for credential imports


I investigated your feature request and I'm afraid we can't really implement it in this particular way. The reason is that all tasks, including key sequence tasks are always executed in context of the selected connection. So the credential associated with the connection is used for the key sequence task. One way to implement something like that would be to create a key sequence task dynamically for all credentials and provide access to them using the ribbon/menu. The issue we see here is that we can't really control how the key sequence should look like. You mentioned the common format: {USERNAME} {TAB} {PASSWORD} {ENTER}  Our concern is how to make this customizable in case the user wants/needs a different key sequence. I will discuss this with my colleagues and I hope we can find a way to implement this.


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I discussed a couple of proposals with my colleagues and here's one solution we came up with.

You create a key sequence task with the format/key sequence you want to cover. Like this:

Note that the tokens have the prefix "this." which indicates to not use the context credentials, instead use the credentials of this task.

In the task credentials page you configure the credential like this:

When a "?" is configured as credential name, we would show a credential picker (similar to the one we use in Connect with Options -> Prompt for Credentials):

In the picker you can quickly type/seach for the credential you want to use and after hitting OK, the key sequence with the selected credential will be executed against the currently selected and active connection.

I'm not sure if this can be implemented that way but before I investigate, I wanted to ask you what do you think of the proposed solution?

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Hi Stefan,

Thanks for the detailed replies, it is greatly appreciated.

I understand your concern about using a fixed key sequence as it could be confusing to users as it will work primarily in web page logins use cases only. If someone were to try and use it for an SSH login they'd encounter an issue.

A possible alternative: At the moment you can configure what happens when a credential is double-clicked. Could an option be added to run a key sequence (that uses the 'this' keyword to autotype) when any credential is double-clicked? I realise that would kind of 'lock in' that behaviour for all credentials for the user though. Could possibly add an override option to the credential properties? Starts to get messy I guess?

Otherwise, I think your proposal where a credential could be chosen on the fly could work well. A possible enhancement to that would be to optionally limit the searchable credentials to a specific folder or search term. For example, instead of presenting the entire list of credentials with "?" (or whatever it might end up being), you could pre-filter the list to a folder using something like "?{folder:'Web Credentials'}" or 'Custom Fields and Properties'. (I don't have any experience using the 'Custom Fields or Properties' feature so I'm not sure how or if they can be leveraged.). I understand implementing something like that isn't simple though.


The proposal to tie it to the double-click has also some issues. If you are referring to a key sequence, you have to make sure to have the document loaded where the key sequence has been created.

Using the credential name approach would have a couple of benefits you already requested:

  • Setting the credential name to ? will always show the credential picker with all credentials
  • Setting the credential name to a name which can be resolved uniquely (only one cred exists with this name), will prevent the dialog from being shown and just use the found credential
  • Setting the credential name to a (fragment) of the name and more credentials are found, it will present the credential picker dialog with the specified name as filter and shows the results.
  • Lastly, if the credential name specified is not found, it will show the credential picker but pre-fills the user name with the specified name.

The behavior described above is already part of Royal TS where credential pickers are shown. So this would be all "for free" if implemented that way.

More complex search queries as suggested are currently not really possible and would need much more work in the underlying infrastructure. Sorry!

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Thanks again for the detailed response.

I didn't realise that kind of behaviour was already present in RoyalTS, that's awesome! I always wondered what the difference was between specifying a specific credential and specifying the name of a credential.

The solution you've proposed sounds like it'll work well!



you can test this feature in the latest Royal TS V7 beta:


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Great stuff! Thank you!

I understand its still in Beta but a couple of notes:

  • Add a note/tip to the Credential tab of the Key Sequence Task dialog when "Specify credential name" is selected, informing users of the ability to use "?". It'd also be good to see a link to other relevent information/help/guides there.
  • Kind of related to this feature - when searching/filtering for credentials (I was searching from a KeePass import. Not sure if the behaviour is the same for credentials stored in the document) it would be good if non-matching entries weren't shown in the results list. At the moment, all credentials are shown but only the first match is highlighted, even though there may be multiple credentials containing the search value.
  • Also kind of related - in the beta, the Key Sequence tab of the Key Sequence Task dialog no longer colours the values in red and blue. 


Thanks again!

Hi FrankE!

Thanks for the feedback:

  • I've added some note in the tooltip when hovering over the Credential Name text field. I also improved the docs which will mention the "?" behavior.
  • If you just start typing, this is the default behavior. If you want to filter the list, use CTRL + F to show the find panel. Typing there will actually filter the list. I've also added a note in the dialog for better discoverability.
  • Thanks for pointing this out. I have fixed that for the next release.


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