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Windows Protocol Handling

I would like to see an interface for setting Royal TS as the default application to handle protocols in windows. Specifically I am looking for FTP and SFTP. 

I imagine it could be a checkbox list of protocols in Royal TS Options. When checked, Royal TS would open ftp:// and sftp:// when clicked as a new ad-hoc tab. Not necessary, but if the uri is already connected, it would just change folder paths.

I think the framework is already there to handle a URI by having rtscli.exe.

rtscli action connect-adhoc --uri=

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Hi Nathan,

we have a URI scheme which allows you to do basically everything you can do in the CLI through URIs:

The cli even has a --create-link option which creates a link which can be used to invoke the same command through the URI:

Based on your example, executing 

rtscli action connect-adhoc --uri= --create-link

will print you the URI link you can use.

We intentionally used our own protocol handler to avoid collisions with commonly used handlers like ftp:// or sftp://

If you want to use one or more of the common handlers, you need to register them yourself as we currently do not have any plans to provide them out of the box.


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