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Create a Dynamic Folder Script Object

We've started to rely heavily on dynamic folders generated from a master database of client/connection information. We break up the dynamic folder into logical groups of resources, otherwise refreshing it becomes untenable. Our dynamic folder script references the name of the dynamic folder to dynamically pull the data we want it to. The problem here is, there are a bunch of other parameters in the dynamic folder script and if/when we want to change those, we have to go through and manually update them for each of our dynamic folders. If we could have a "dynamic folder script" object, that we point each of those folders to, we could update them in one place and all of them would reference the changes.

Is this possible?

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Hi Ryan,

I'm not sure I completely understand the use case. Wouldn't it just be easier to use bulk-edit to update the dynamic folder script on all objects?


Stefan, you're 100% right, I'm not sure why bulk editing slipped my mind here.

I'll note though, that when bulk-editing dynamic folders, the dynamic folder script field seems to populate with the dynamic credential script, not the dynamic folder script.


Slight clarification to the above, that happens when I select multiple dynamic folders for editing from the dashboard. Selecting a single folder does not exhibit an issue.

Hi Ryan,

yes, that behavior is actually by design. When bulk-edit mode is engaged, all controls are set according to the default settings. Since you might have different values in all selected objects, it's using the defaults. Admittedly this "feels" strange in this case. I guess you have an instance of your script (during development) in a VS Code instance (or some other code editor). Simply, copy it over and set the script interpreter and the content to the new version of the script. Not sure if we can make this experience better. If you have suggestions, let me know.


Yea, that makes sense, my only recommendation would be that instead of including the default script, which is unlikely to be what someone wants to bulk-edit to, it would be to put a "placeholder" of some kind that indicates you're bulk-editing and the field needs fully updated. 

Either way I think the outcome is the same. Thanks for leading me in the right direction here.

You're welcome. I think in case of bulk-edit I will keep the script boxes empty...

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