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Specify the use of FQDNs rather than short names for RDP on VMware connection

I would really love the ability to specify the use of FQDNs rather than short names for connectivity ( rather than just SERVER01). Larger orgs or MSPs typically have a setup like this where your local workstation might be on an entirely different domain than the VMware instance you are connected to.

I can easily work around this by specifying the full name when creating individual RDP connections, but I cannot change this value for a VMware instance and right clicking to RDP into one of the VMs pulled from the instance.

This would be an ideal way to work because it is inherently always up to date as servers are stood up and decommissioned through their lifecycle. The FQDN (or DNS Name as it's referred to in ESXi and vCenter) is something that should be able to be pulled using PowerCLI or the VMware API.

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Hi Patrick,

since we are wrapping up the new release, we also took another look at your feature request. After checking our code base, I can confirm that we are actually using the GuestIpAddress data we receive from the vmware API to establish a ad hoc RDP connection. You mentioned "short names" which I'm not sure what exactly is meant by that. Can you provide more details (screenshots) or is using the GuestIpAddress working for you?


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