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KeePass password and folder state

I'd like to see two improvements on connected KeePass vaults:

1. Try the already typed in password to open the vault (as RoyalTS does with multiple documents), so that I only have to type my password once when opening the software

2. Remember the folder state

Thanks, Michael

Hi Michael,

thanks for the feedback.

1) I've implemented that for the next release (beta will be soon out).

2) That's not possible because we actually don't have write access to the KeePass file. When a KeePass file is opened, it will be internally "converted" to a Royal TS document.


Hi Stefan, sounds good!

For 2) I hoped there would be something similar to "User Specific Settings > Folder State" where you save the state independently, so the read-only file wouldn't be touched.

Greetings, Michael

This is unfortunately not possible right now because of the underlying infrastructure. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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