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2FA Migration Royal Server V3 to V4

We would like to move our 2FA accounts from an old Royal V3 server to a new V4 server.

Is there a possibility? We don't want to create a new one, because then we would have to roll out all the employees again.

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Hi Ulf,

Royal Server V4 upgrades the previous information of a V3 installation automatically. More information can be found here:

So, in the case when you also moving to a new machine, we suggest the following:

- install Royal Server V3 on the new machine

- handle the upgrade steps mentioned in the link above - especially the database files in %programdata%\royalserver as they contain the MFA information. After this step, you have a V3 server on the new machine

- then install Royal Server V4 on the new machine - now you have V4 running with the configuration based on the V3 installation

If you have any further questions, dont hesitate to open a ticket with us and we will guide you through.



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