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Use of "Royal Server Administrators" group and other questions

 Hi all,

we are on the way implementing Royal Server in our environment and thus leads to some questions. We understand the use of the groups "Royal Server Users" and "Royal Server Gateway Users" but at the moment it is not clear for what we should use the "Royal Server Administrators" group.

The use of the group is only mentioned regarding the Document Store:

 Create, import or delete a document requires the user to be member of the "Royal Server Administrators" group. If done via the Configuration Tool, the Worker Account is used for these operations.


Is there any other way then using the Configuration Tool for administration of the Royal Server? Is this just for non local admins using the Configuration Tool?

Another point regarding the Docuemnt Store is the option "Document can only be opened via Royay Server". Can you copy and import the document to antother Royal Server and open it from there? How is it secured and what happens if you need to import the document to a new server.

I hope you can help me.

Cheers Timo

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Hi Timo,

currently the Royal Server Configuration Tool is the only way to configure Royal Server. The windows group "Royal Server Administrators" is used to define a set of users (addittionally to the local admins) that can do administrative tasks e.g. creating document hosted by Royal Server.

Regarding the documents: once they have been imported, you can copy them from the document root folder to another server.

best regards,


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