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Recording function of a session for preservation of evidence


I would find it very useful for us to have an optional feature implemented in conjunction with the Royal Server / Secure Gateway that would save the last sessions from the System Engineers on the target systems as some sort of video recording and store it read-only on the Royal Server or a target storage system.

The idea behind this is that in multi-factor environments, work on sometimes sensitive system environments must be ensured that one's own work on the systems can be traced for evidentiary purposes. If this could be recorded directly via the Royal server, an important element of neutral recording and backup would thus be available.

Of course, it is possible for an employee to make a video recording using Snagit, for example. But as is the case with people, they forget to record it, back it up, or it is incomplete or incorrect.

I'm curious if this idea could gain interest from other people as well.


Roger Süess

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