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Auto resize feature similar to Royal TSX

Hello. I frequently use both Royal TS and Royal TSX, and I greatly miss the RDP auto resize feature present in Royal TSX. It works very well in that application. Can this feature be added to Royal TS as well? Presently, I have to reconnect if I want the session to be resized which is difficult when working with a customer that utilizes RDP-based 2FA tools. Thank you.

Hi Jeremy,

as mentioned in your other post, the way RDP works on the Mac and on Windows is very different. On Windows we actually invoke the Reconnect method on MS' RDP component (where supported) and depending on the result of the call, we initiate a "hard reconnect" in case the call fails. See:

To ensure the reconnect method is enabled, verify that Smart Reconnect in your Remote Desktop display options are enabled:

and you enabled Fast Smart Reconnect in the plugin options:

If both settings are set and you still see "hard reconnects", we can't really tell why the call is failing as there's no logging or tracing we can enable to find out the reason for that.

Let me know if this helps.


Thank you, Stefan. I set those configuration options per your recommendation and then did some testing and functionality is slightly better. It does try to reconnect after a delay of about five seconds. Further, endpoints locked with third party 2FA solutions require re-authentication. It's not close to the user experience of Royal TSX but it seems like this is as good as it's going to get given the limitations of the underlying technology (for Windows, that is). Thanks again for your help.

So, even with Fast Smart Reconnect enabled, you still get an MFA prompt? I thought, it will just adapt the new screen resolution but it seems a reconnect is done instead. Not sure if we can do anything about it though.

Yes, that's what happening. Understood. Thank you for your help.

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