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Support for shared Dynamic folder script


Thanks for this awesome feature. It would be even better if it would support shared script source between Dynamic folders. Shared source could be, file, git/github repo or embedded file. All options are fine as long as it eliminates need to update Dynamic folder script when source script changes.

The way we solve this is by having a separate PowerShell script (scheduled task on a batch server) that generates rJSON.

The Powershell script inside each Dynamic Folders only contains the filepath and one "Get-Content" command.

If we want to restructure the data, we change the batch job to generate a different rJSON.

Sure its not as "realtime" as a full script running inside each RoyalTS client would be, but that is not a problem anyway, since we correlate data from various sources (SCCM, OneView, AD etc.) which is a somewhat time consuming task which is not that user friendly.

Another "workaround" would be to place the script somewhere on the file system and just call it from the dynamic folder script. As long as the parameters you pass to the script stay the same, you only need to edit one single script on the file system.

That could be used as a workaround, but that's still not hassle free. It would be nice if you could specify Dynamic folders used script like you can specify user accounts for objects.

I think I understand now. Thanks for the explanation!

I think the best way for you to update/maintain the same script multiple times is to use the PowerShell module and update the scripts programmatically:


Hi Stefan,

The issue comes from different use case. Script what I use get's resources from Google Cloud Platform project. And because I have multiple GCP projects I need multiple Dynamic Folders. If i need to update my script I need to update every Dynamic Folder with new version.

So here embedded / source file / git source for script would help a lot :)



I'm not sure I understand. What do you mean with shared script source? If you place a dynamic folder in a shared document, all your users will use the same script and can be updated centrally.


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