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Integrated OTP support

Please add OTP support to the Credentials feature of RoyalTS/TSX. 

Unspecific to us (applies generally for any OTP 2FA system) when a 2-factor code is generated, both a QR code and a BASE32 code are generated. For phone apps, the QR code works great. For computer apps like LastPass and BitWarden, one can enter the BASE32 code and then that app can generate the rotating OTP codes. So ideally, what I would like to see in Royal is a 3rd field added to the screen when adding credentials:

  • username
  • password
  • BASE32 code (which gernates the OTP)

In our particular case, we are required to enter user: username-OTPCode along with the password for any RDP connection to authenticate. So to build on that, I would be awesome to see that then when signing on via RDP using Royal, have the option for Royal append the rotating OTP code to the username (username-OTPCode) and use the saved password. Right now I have to do the whole process entirely manually in Royal for all 2-factor auth, which basically defeats the purpose of saved credentials for RDP access and makes Royal extremely frustrating to use.

I realize that this is kind of a big request, but at the same time I have to imagine having OTP support somehow integrated into Royal is only going to be more and more of a request, since every site and every system everywhere is moving in that direction. 

If you are curious about the specific system behind our Windows 2FA, it is called Authlite at  It is very inexpensive and works beautifully, but 2FA breaks using Royal to sign on to any RDP session.

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Hi Aaron,

thanks for the detailed explanation.

We're currently looking into supporting further OTP/MFA functionalities within our products.

I will take a look at Authlite and will forward my test results to our dev team.

Thanks for now & best regards,
Christoph Mühlberger

Thanks. When you develop any betas with this feature, if you would like me to test I'll be glad to do so.

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