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TOTP Credential type

For situations where several users might use a single admin account protected by TOTP MFA, it would be great if we could create a Credential, put in the username, then for password there is a checkbox that says "TOTP", then enter the seed key as the password.

Then whenever the TOTP code is needed, and the Credential object is called, its value or output is the current TOTP code.

Use case: I have several clients that use Microsoft 365, with a TOTP code required to login to the admin account. We use a "corporate" admin account rather than individual admin accounts. It is really annoying to be using Google Authenticator on our personal phones to get codes for these accounts, then each new employee we have to have then scan a collection of codes into their authenticator, or have then get a code from a trusted employee with the generator (if available). You can then see how a Credential object that know how to generate a TOTP code, that we can save into our shared document on Royal Server, avoid needing to hand out seed keys to all employees or have them get lost if a phone gets lost or reset, etc.

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we really need this for accessing customers connections with multiple technicians without using a smartphone or thirdparty app.

This- 100%.

After implementation of totp for one of the companies I work with- RoyalTS is nearly useless for managing the connections.... since, it cannot authenticate to any of the servers.

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