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Native Pleasant Password Server Integration

Since RoyalTS 5 it is possible to connect Pleasant Passwort Server via Dynamic Folder-Feature. However for me it looks like more a tinker-solution than a enterprise-ready feature and you'll have to install python (and several additional modules) to get it running. In an enterprise environment it is an imposition to ask every user to go through this manual steps and install python etc. Also this additional software need to be secure and updated from time to time. Probably the users that are interested in using Pleasant Password Server will install python and forget. From a security perspective this is bad...

So it would be nice, if RoyalApps develop a native solution to connect to Pleasant Password Server to make the world a bit more secure :-)

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Hi Thomas,

thank you for your feedback. I understand your issues with dynamic folders but we would rather work on making these scripts better instead of more native integrations. There are some caveats/issues with native integrations:

  • They are not as flexible. Once we have an integration, it's hard to change the behavior afterwards. We learned that companies have different requirements and need slightly different implementations. With native integrations it's hard to provide and maintain all those options. The scripts should provide a working implementation and allows easy customization to fit the requirements.
  • There are just too many. It's hard to integrate each and every product and even if we just pick some of them, there will always be the one customer who is using a different product.
  • Economic considerations: we are a small team and our developers and staff are focused on the features of Royal TS. We just can't get or become an expert for each of these products. We not only must install/maintain the products, we also must thoroughly learn all the aspects for each product, which is just not feasible. We would need to hire much more people and pricing of the product would be significantly higher.

This is why we chose the route to provide an interface for the actual experts (the vendors and users of these products) using dynamic folders to do all sorts of things.

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news here but I hope you can understand our motivation why we went with dynamic folders.


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