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Don't remove start menu icon on update

I'm in the habit of pinning the icons for frequently-used programs to the Start Menu. However, I have to redo this every time Royal TS updates - the icon is deleted as part of the upgrade process. Can this be changed so that the icon is only updated?

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Hi Ed!

I just tested this and found the following:

1. Pinning the App (once it started) to the Taskbar, the shortcut remains after the upgrade.

2. Pinning the App to the Start Menu (from the very top under "Recently added"), the shortcut is removed after the upgrade.

3. Pinning the App to the Start Menu from the regular list (scrolling down to "R"), the shortcut remains after the upgrade. I also re-arranged the icon in this test. Not sure if this matters.

In general, we don't have much control over this because the Windows Installer is handling all the stuff. In order to upgrade cleanly, we always invoke an "uninstall" of the old version and then install the new version.


Thanks! I'll give it another try. I thought I had pinned it from the alphabetized list, but I might have done something different this time.


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