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Auto-lock RoyalTS on screen lock, timeout or on demand


I know there are similar existing requests for an auto-lock feature however there has been no official response and this request is slightly different.

Is it possible to have RoyalTS 'lock' when the screen is locked, or configured for a timeout or on-demand? I imagine if a feature like this was implemented, it should have two settings:

  • When lock is activated, don't disconnect any sessions, simply blank out all windows and display a password prompt
  • When lock is activated, disconnect any sessions and display a password prompt. I guess this is effectively closing the RoyalTS document. 

As mentioned in the other threads, this behaviour is similar to that seen in KeePass.


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we are hesitant to implement something like that since Windows has the perfect way to lock the whole desktop. We're just not sure what added value it would have if Royal TS can also "lock" the UI.


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Hi Stefan,

Thanks for your response. You make a very good point and I can't think of anything to counter that, Windows does indeed already provide the desired functionality.

Thanks again

Hi all

We do have the same feature request and would really appreciate it.

It is true that Windows provides this, but it may not be enough.

We do have sensible RoyalTS files encrypted with separate secured passwords. When Windows is locked these encrypted files stay open in the background. If someone gets access to the Windows password of the user who hasn't closed his RoyalTS before locking, that person does now have access to all servers of that RoyalTS file.

KeePassXC does have a similar feature which locks all opened files at the moment Windows is locked. We think this is just a further step in terms of security.

It would be nice if you could think about it again.



Since there was no response to my last message, I asked myself if it's because this request is flagged red. 
Do I need to start a new feature request?

Best Regards


there's no need to create a new entry. While we strive to consider as many feature requests as possible, please note that we can only implement a limited number of them. This decision will be based on popularity measured through comments and votes as well as feasibility.


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