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Disable Smart Reconnect for all RDP Connections

 Would it be possible to add an option that applies "Disable Smart Reconnect" globally? Or rather lets you pick one of the three options and enforce it for all RDP options like Smart Resizing.

Smart Reconnect is really killing me and I would rather not go through all the half a hundred of RDP connections I created to manually disable Smart Reconnect.

Hi Marco,

please try the following and see if this fixes your problem:

For new objects, use the Application -> Default Settings folder to setup all the default values.

There, within the Display Options, you can set your default Resize Mode.

For existing objects, you can use the bulk-edit feature to edit all connections at once. 

Just add the Column 'Connection Type' to the dashboard, and search for 'Remote Desktop' 

If anything is unclear, please refer to the following links:

Let me know if this helps.

best regards,

Christoph Mühlberger

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What the hell is Application -> Default Settings?

If I select multiple RDP connections at once I don't get any bulk editing options

Based on what I get from Christoph Muehlberger answer, the "Display Option" tab is what you seek.

You will find a "Resize Mode" option that you can adapt.

The bulk edit part is to be able to refresh all the connection at once (just did it, thanks for the solution by the way).

Note, there is also a way to override settings for a plugin, but I didn't test the solution.

"File > Plugins" then select the "Remote Desktop" plugin.

On top of the table, you have an override button.

There, it is a simple settings page, the same way the bulk edit works, you select the option you want to edit and set a value.

Best regards,

Axel H.

I am selecting multiple Hyper-V (or RDP, it doesn't matter) connections and there is no such thing as a Bulk-Edit button in the upper right corner of the Edit drop-down.

I am following these instructions

And it just doesn't work. Was the feature removed?


you can Bulk-Edit several connections via the Dashboard, by right-clicking on the selected connections and clicking on Properties

After doing so, a window should open, and you are now actively in the 'Bulk-Edit' mode, where you can decide, what you want to edit by using the drop-down box in the upper right corner:

So no, the feature was not removed ;)

Hopefully that helps!

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