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U2F for Fileencryption


We take care of improving the security in our company. So we use U2F (for example whit the Yubikey) to encrypt critical files. The Royal TS files are currently not as save as they shuld be to fit our needs.
The files currently only secured through the password. This leads to the problem to use a passwort nobody could remember or to use passwords witch are not secure enough. U2F could solve this problem by adding a second, unique and unhackable part to unlock the files.
Could you implement this function in future versions of Royal TS? This should not be a huge erfort, there are good examples to get from Yubikey to incloud in your sourcecode. We did this to some of our software too.
For example we have tested the U2F feature in Keepass witch looks for me kind of simular to what you did in your files to store passwords. They have the ability to use Yubikey to unlock the passwords. Witch would be great to see in your software too.
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