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Logoff RDP Session through rightclick on TAB


What would be realy helpfull would be the posibillity to habe an option "logoff" if you rightclick on the RDP Tab (like the disconnect Tab)image


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Hi Marc,

here's the answer from the linked thread above:

The remote desktop protocol itself does not support logging off a session. The way MobaXTerm, RDCM, etc. are doing it, is to "reset" the session using the WTS API. There are a couple of issues with this approach:

* it's error prone because in many situations you can use RDP (port 3389) but can't use the WTS API because all high ports (RPC) are basically needed

* it's dangerous because resetting the session is not exactly a log off. It's basically killing the session and unsaved data is lost

* it's fragile because there is not much to identify the correct session. In the WTS API you need to specify the session id you want to kill. Identifying the session by the username/client alone can sometimes lead to the wrong session

You can still use the dashboard tab to reset sessions though. This way, it's clear what session you have selected.


I wonder how Remote Desktop Connection Manager is able to accomplish this. It is available in that tool. 

you can do this with a key sequence as a workaround.  its a shame support couldnt come up with this even as a temporary answer.




Hi Patrick,

thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately this is something we can't really implement because there's no suitable API in the remote desktop protocol. See also:

As soon as an API is provided to remotely log off a session, we will implement it immediately.

In the meantime I will set the status to Deferred.


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