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make overrides default behavior

Hi there,

helped a friend with setting up RoyalTS for his small vps so he has anything in one tool he needs (ssh, filetransfer) and nice terminal theme. And there was one option I haven't remembered: the default behavior of open a connection with and without apply overrides.

As a user, when I make global changes I expect them to be used. So it might be more intuitive when the "apply overrides" option defaults to "always apply except when holding the ... key".

Furthermore it might be useful to have an "do not apply overrides" checkbox in the connection window with the above change.

What do you think?

Kind regards,


PS: Ribex Terminal user here; this might not be useful for RDP connections or so...

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Hi Stefan,

you can find the option to control how overrides are applied in View -> Options -> Behavior -> Modifiers

I can understand that in your case setting this as a default would make more sense but we have to be really careful when changing these default behaviors. Many users are already used to this and changing this may confuse many users.


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