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Use credentials of the currect logged on windows user in URLs


it will be very helpfull if you can implement the feature that you can use your own personal credentials of the current logged on windows user for the auto fill functions in URLs. We are using shared lists and can't create the personal credentials of each administrator in the shared list.

Thank you!

Best regards


Hi Daniel,

if I understand your feature request correctly you want to have auto fill to fill in the username and password of your currently logged on user, right? If so, I'm afraid that's not possible. While we can gather the user name through environment variables, there's no API or other mechanism to extract the password from Windows - which would also be a huge security issue.


Hi Stefan,

yes you understand me correctly. Thank you for your fast response. Then we are using it by enter the personal credentials manually. That's not a problem for us :-) Royal TS for common is the most benefit for us.

Best regards


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