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Keep KeePass files state

 When opening/reloading a KeePass file, maintain the last known state of the window, that asks for password, KeyFile and WindowsUserAccount.

When opening a Keepass file for the first time, RoyalTS cannot know if that database needs a KeyFile along the password, but after opening it, it could save the KeyFile checkbox state, and the KeyFile last location, individually for each KeePass database file. I use 3 different KeePass files and only one of them uses KeyFile, but when I'm opening all others, it always brings me KeyFile checked and pointing to the keyfile used for the first KeePass database file opened.

Hi Wolf,

thanks for the feedback. The next V6 beta will remember the settings for each file while Royal TS is running. Note that the states are lost when Royal TS is closed and reopened.


It's a start! ;-)

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