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Specific order in which documents are automatically saved.

We use Royal TS with Royal Server here. When working with our credentials and connections, we adhere to the recommendations "Working with Personal Credentials and a Shared Document".

Every now and then I have to make changes to the documents that manage our connections (stored on the Royal Server). Should I forget to save the changes immediately, this happens automatically when the application is closed. Unfortunately, my personal file with the credentials is always closed first. Thus the system immediately loses the connection to the Royal Server and can no longer save the changes there. I would like that when the application is closed, it always completes any outstanding saves before closing the documents.

Hi Andreas,

may I ask which version you are using? With 5.4.60305 we fixed that particular issue and ensured that Royal Server docs are saved first when closing the app:


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Good morning Stefan,

Version 5.4.60319 is installed on my computer. Unfortunately, I did not notice that there was already a solution to my problem. I am happy that it is so. That makes everyday use of the software much easier for me. Many Thanks.

Best regards

Great to hear, the issue has been resolved.


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