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Native support of BitWarden in Royal TS?

Now that LastPass has changed its licensing structure, the LastPass Free option is much more limited and less compelling for users.  It seems that many users switch to BitWarden.

Royal TS supports BitWarden through Dynamic Folders but this is cumbersome and difficult to setup, in contrast to LastPass native support build-in directly in Royal TS.

Can the Royal TS users community hope to see native implementation of BitWarden directly integrated in the Royal TS product instead of through Dynamic Folders?

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Hu Bruno,

we actually do not have plans to integrate any other credential source natively in Royal TS. Lastpass and KeePass was an exception because we haven't had the dynamic folder feature implemented at the time. Going forward we will focus more on dynamic folders because of the following reasons:

  • we can't really support all the 3rd party systems. It's not really manageable to learn, install, support and maintain all the systems out there with our resources. We are really counting on the community to help us out there - hence the github repository with all the scripts. Royal TS/X would become much more expensive because of the additional resources needed.
  • it is much easier to maintain. we don't need to deploy new app versions if something changes on a 3rd party product.
  • it provides more flexibility for custom requirements because you can just adapt the script to your needs.
  • much easier to extend or add additional providers for anyone in the community.

That being said, we are constantly looking for feedback to improve our products and features. If you have issues with dynamic folders in general, please let us know and open a support ticket. If you have an issue with a particular script, head to our github repository and open an issue there.


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