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Adding default pre-defined text highlighting templates

Hi all,

Objective: I would like to share an idea to RoyalTS to add some default pre-defined Text Highlighting Templates.

I recently change to RoyalTS from Mobaxterm (License is too expensive), no doubt that UI of RoyalTS is way more modern compared to Moba and I am loving RoyalTS so much.

However, one thing I noticed was although RoyalTS supports Text Highlighting (Syntax Highlight) for Terminal (Rebex). By default it did not includes any pre-defined options unlike Mobaxterm.

In Mobaxterm, right after installation and establish a SSH connection, 
it is by default that it will auto highlight texts like "ERROR", "Warning", "IP Address", "Yes", "No" and etc as shown in screenshot attached. 

Hence I would suggest RoyalTS to have something similar to add some pre-defined Text Highlighting Templates instead of requiring users to figure out Regex and syntaxes to highlight.

I would like to give kudos to one of Royal TS Support Guru that share a good few Regex examples, but again it will be so much more easier to have the template out-of-box pre-defiend.


Comparing Syntax Highlight / Text Highlight between 
Mobaxterm and RoyalTS:



Royal TS


Some example screenshots from Mobaxterm I search from Google with Syntax Highlighted:



Thank you for the feedback! I will put this on our todo list and hope to get this implemented once V6 has been released.


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Thanks for the update! looking forward it!

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