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Waiting for char/pattern instead of timers on Key Sequence


On the Key Sequence feature, I don't see any option to waiting for some char/pattern available yet.  Actually when the network connection to the host server was poor then the time to wait was need a little bit longer than usual and the key sequence not working as expected.  If I increase the timeout then when the network in the good condition then it makes me waiting too long for the Key Sequence running.  So the idea is waiting based on some char/pattern before it runs the Key Sequence. Here are the illustrations.

[username@localhost ~]$ su -


[root@localhost ~]# su - username

[username@labs ~]$


su -




su - username



Hi Edi,

thanks for the feedback. The key sequences are too generic (as they work with all kinds of connections) and they also (by default) simulate keyboard input. For rebex based connections we could implement something like "triggers". The idea is that you configure some sort of pattern you look out for and when the pattern appears, a key sequence is triggered immediately. Would that be helpful?


Hi Stefan

Yes, it will be very helpful rather than change the timeout value.  Hopefully, this feature can be implemented soon.


I was also looking for this feature, you put the timers for worst case scenario and it causes a delay in most of the times.


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