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Feature Request: Reconnect from Log

One of the side-effects of working remote is VPN drops (time limits with forced login each time...).  When this happens all sessions are disconnected.  I usually then have to go into the Log to see what servers I was on and reconnect (just so I don't leave the stray disconnected session).

It would be great if there was an option from the log to (re)connect to the host by either double-clicking or via a right-click menu option.

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I miss the "Recent" group, that Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager has.
In Royal TS please just leave the disconnected tabs open and change the symbol color from green to grey.
Would be very useful on a patch day, as I always verify if there are additional Windows Updates like SSU after a reboot of our plenty VMs.

Hi Stefan,

we have one feature which may be helpful in your scenario. You can go to View -> Options -> Behavior and configure Royal TS to keep remotely disconnected tabs open for easier reconnect:

Let me know if this helps.



Thanks, yes this is what I was looking for. ( For those who don't use it yet, reconnect from log still sounds useful.)

But may I suggest that
a) "Esc" will close the tab in case of intentional shutdown of workstations
b) plus once a minute disconnected machines will be probed and the grey tab will switch to orange in case the machine is available again?

Stefan Koell: I've used that "leave tab open" feature before and turned it off as I don't like it.  When I do log out of the remote session, I still have to take the extra step to explicitly close the tab (Stefan Furtmayr's "ESC" option would save a click).  I know, first-world problems...   Besides--it could be a day later or so and I need to reconnect to a server and to save time I just browse the log to recall what that server was: the disconnected tab option wouldn't help (unless I never closed those ;)).

I use the "Reconnect" option in the "Star and Exit" settings, but that is only useful (when it works right) when the app crashes or I restart my machine (more like it gets force restarted for patching).  Which reminds me: how do I see the previous log in the Log window for those crash/restart scenarios?  I've taken to using an XML viewer to review logs after a restart when the reconnect feature doesn't work...

Just an FYI, you can tweak the behavior for RDP in the Plugin Settings:

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