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Remote push "portable" secure server from Rolyal TS to a bridge machine


Many customer's VPNs restrict the traffic only to one or two specific machines and, as consultants, we are forced to use that machine as bridge to connect elsewhere. 

A very useful feature in my opinion would be the ability to "remote push" a lightweight version of the secure gateway to that bridge machine (windows or linux) and to start it there without installing the service, so that it can be used as gateway to connect directly to other machines.

From a configuration point of view, this should mean to setup an "ephimeral" secure gateway: when I start a connection that requires that Secure gateway, RoyalTS should

  1. Log on on the bridge machine
  2. Push the "lightweigth" secure gateway on the target machine and launch it
  3. Connect to the target machine using the lightweight version
  4. The secure gateway should terminate and remove itself from disk if no connection are active for more than 5 minutes.

Frankly, I really would pay for such a feature.

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Thanks for the feedback. We will investigate and look into that but at the moment it's very hard to accomplish something like this. Once we have completely moved the Royal Server to cross platform .NET core code, it's much easier.


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